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I use for everything from horse gear to tack to cameras to soap and hard drives. Their ease of ordering makes purchasing stress-free. Their prices are extremely competitive, and you also usually have a month to return something if you just don’t like it.

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What Drives Me and TrailMeister

Helping you explore the world on horseback and your long term best interests are my first and only priority. No manufacturers pay me anything for anything. I don’t get free gear or even free hats from them. I’m enthusiastic because I love trail riding and camping with horses, not because anyone’s paying me.

I do this because I love to share. I dream about what I’m going to write all night, then get up at 5AM and hit the keyboard at 5:30AM and don’t stop till my wife pulls me off. I want everyone to be able to enjoy exploring new trails and horse camps as much as I do. My wife thinks I’m crazy spending so many hours a day at this, and she’s probably right. Your generosity helps me justify all the time I spend sharing everything I know for free instead of having a real job.

I started this site for fun in October 2003 to share what I know. With your generous support I’ve been able to work on it full time since 2009. The reason for the ads and this plea is that if I can’t bring in as much cash as my office job used to pay me, my wife will send me out to work for “the man” again and I won’t be able to add as original trail riding and horse camping content much as I do today.

TrailMeister is the real thing. It’s just me and only me working away here, and that’s why you see no blogs or forums, just the world’s largest guide to horse trails and camps, trail and camp tips, training videos and more.

Businesses are always approaching me with get rich quick schemes which would make them, and presumably me, more money, but it would make this site less useful to you. Thanks to your support I haven’t yet had to resort to that.

Again, the biggest way that you can help keep TrailMeister up and running is to use the Amazon and other ads when you buy anything online. It costs you nothing and is our only source of support.

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