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“The Mountains Are Calling” – Handcrafted Limited-Edition Wall Hanging by Robert Eversole:
Introducing “The Mountains Are Calling,” a wall hanging created by Robert Eversole, a dedicated trail rider and horse camper. This exceptional piece features laser-etched images of horse riders serenely passing a tranquil lake framed by towering mountains and enveloped by a lush pine tree forest. With only 25 of these exclusive works of art, this is your opportunity to own a unique creation titled “The Mountains Are Calling.”

Key Features:

1. Limited Edition: “The Mountains Are Calling” is part of a limited edition of only 25 personally handcrafted pieces.
2. Handcrafted: The frame and the artwork reflect Robert Eversole’s artistic skill and dedication. The frame is meticulously constructed from solid hardwoods.
3. Laser-Etched Imagery: The artwork is brought to life through precision laser etchings, capturing the details of the horse riders, the pristine lake, the imposing mountains, and the towering pines.
4. Colored Resin Accents: The etched images are enhanced with colored resin, adding distinctive depth and vibrancy to the scene. The special hand color mixing process ensures each piece is unique.
5. Serene Landscape: The scene depicts a tranquil lake mirroring the majesty of the mountains, with a lush pine tree forest adding depth and dimension.
6. John Muir Quote: This piece features the inspiring words of John Muir, adding depth and meaning to the artwork. The quote, “The mountains are calling,” is the piece’s title, inviting viewers to embrace their adventurous spirit.
7. Collectible Appeal: As one of only 25 limited edition pieces, “The Mountains Are Calling” is a unique object for enthusiasts and collectors seeking exclusive treasures created by a fellow trail rider and horse camper.


  • Size: [6.5 inches tall x 11.5 inches wide]
  • Materials: Handcrafted hardwood frame, laser-etched images with colored resin filling
  • Hang or stand: Artwork has both a hanging hook and an easel
  • Colors: Various natural tones, resin accents
  • Style: Nature-inspired, rustic, and serene
  • Limited Edition: Only 25 available
“The Mountains Are Calling” is not just a work of art; it’s a reflection of a lifetime of appreciation for the great outdoors and the artistry of a seasoned rider. Display this exceptional work with pride, knowing you own a piece of art carrying the spirit of adventure on horseback.

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