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Baker Beach Horse Camp - TrailMeister added this area

Florence, OR

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09 Jul 2021 crowguys Ride Notes 2 h 0m 0

Located just an hour and a half from Eugene, Baker Beach provides wonderful equestrian access to the northern end of the spectacular Oregon Dunes. The Dunes run for 40 miles and are the longest stretch of coastal sand dunes in North America. You can ride beside the pounding surf, explore the dunes themselves, and observe the diverse animal and plant life that thrives in this unique ecosystem. In addition to the wonderful beach riding in the area, you can explore nearby Cape Mountain on a 50-mile trail network. You’ll find several loop options as you travel through coastal forest and catch occasional glimpses of the Pacific Ocean below. [From Riding Northwest Oregon Horse Trails, by Kim McCarrel]. Many thanks to TrailMeister’s Oregon Trail Boss Kim McCarrell for the excellent information on this horse riding area. For turn by turn trail directions consult her authoritative books which can be found here.

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