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Grayback Mountain - Klickitat Wildlife Area - 1trailmeister added this area

Goldendale, WA

Riders have logged 11.25 miles & 4.00 hours here.

TOP TRAIL RIDER: dawnclark411 logged 11.25 miles.

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17 May 2020 dawnclark411 Ride Notes 4 h 0m 11.25

With fabulous views of Mount Adams and Mt Hood the Klickitat Wildlife Area and Grayback Mountain is a wonderful place to visit.

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Land manager is Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife – Soda Springs Unit –

Discover pass is required

Horseback riding is permitted on this unit between May 1 and December 15. Riders are encouraged to stay on roads. (Horses are allowed on roads that are closed to motorized access.)

Campfires are permitted except during the seasonal burn ban, which usually is June 1 to October 30.