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MERA - Mount Emily Recreation Area - ibriding added this area

La Grande, OR

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Wonderfully groomed trails perfect for riding. These trails are well-used, so expect to see families hiking, runners, and mountain bikers.

Horseback Riding

For those who don’t mind riding in the wet weather of spring and fall, please use the trails numbered 600-699. These are the double track log hauling routes; some of them have been rocked and can withstand all season use.  These routes are more easily maintained by road machines. The native soil singletrack trails have sensitive areas that are easily damaged in wet saturated conditions; the only maintenance option is typically at the hands of volunteers.

Trail 700 Red Apple 2.4 miles & Trail 710 Rock Garden 1.3 miles, total 3.5 miles

Are you ready for a taste of singletrack? The natural starting point for those new to MERA is trail 700, Red Apple. The 2.4 mile loop is a popular route for hikers and bikers so be prepared to greet your fellow trail enthusiasts who may be new to the outdoors. If you want to add a little distance then include trail 710 Rock Garden to the loop.

Trail 724 MERA Loop 7.5 miles

Red Apple no problem? You are ready for trail 724 MERA Loop. Begin by heading north on trail 700 Red Apple, clockwise from Owsley. At intersection 1 continue north onto trail 724 MERA Loop. At intersection 3 the loop splits. Riding the loop is great in either direction.  The typical flow of the trail is used in the clockwise direction. The loop is generally a contour trail taking you out the north end of MERA. Round trip from Owsley TH is about 7.5 miles. MERA Loop is popular for runners and bikers so be prepared for and expect those interactions

If you are looking to limit your interactions with bikes and hikers then access the Lower Igo Trailhead. Start up trail trail 603 Lower Igo Extension and turn right onto trail 605 Goldfish Pond. Past the pond a few hundred yards and go right by fence corner onto trail 608 Gateway. Cross 409, Igo Extension onto trail 725 Lower Hotshot to Upper Igo Trailhead and take trail 727 Skills and stay right below rock berm. There is a new trail 738 Pebbles that takes you to trail 724 MERA Loop. Another option below the rock berm is to drop down to trail 730 Cinch and explore the trails and skid roads along MERA’s northeastern fence line.  You are sure to find some solitude

Equestrian cross country travel is permitted, disperse use and do not create social trails

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Land manager is Union County Public Works –

Please close gates as the area is also used for grazing. 541-963-1319

Please stay off of trail features; bermed corners, rollers, jumps. These have not been built to support horse traffic and are easily damaged, go around and travel on inside of bermed corners.

Day use only