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Heber City, UT

Riders have logged 172.89 miles & 87.18 hours here.

TOP TRAIL RIDER: cfurse logged 172.89 miles.

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30 Aug 2013 cfurse Ride Notes 7 h 47m 13.74
11 Aug 2017 cfurse Ride Notes 50 h 0m 33.51
31 Oct 2015 cfurse Ride Notes 4 h 47m 12.87
31 Aug 2013 cfurse Ride Notes 6 h 24m 12.1
01 Nov 2015 cfurse Ride Notes 6 h 9m 19.6
18 Jun 2016 cfurse Ride Notes 7 h 10m 70.54
11 Jul 2015 cfurse 4 h 54m 10.53

Strawberry River is a lovely mountainous area with creeks, aspen and fir. This is open range for cattle and sheep in the summer. Wildflowers are abundant in late June through July, and on years when the aspen turn (generally years with plenty of rain), the yellows and golds are stunning.

Cattle are herded in a week or two before deer hunting season in October. This is a very busy weekend, don’t expect a lot of quiet, and you are likely to meet large cattle truck (semis) on the dirt road. If you open a gate, close it. If the gate is open, leave it that way.

Strawberry Fields endurance race is held here in June, but it’s hosted out of Coop Creek, so you may meet a lot of riders in a hurry, but the roads and camping are minimally impacted.

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There are several areas you can primitive camp along the Strawberry River dirt road. On nice weekends in the summer, there are many campers, 4 wheelers, fisherman, etc. You can also camp in several large, flat areas near the corrals at the end of the road. If the corrals are not being used by the ranchers, you can put your horses in there. There is a nice year-round stream near the corrals. No potable water or toilets.