WERM Flooring – Trailer Project #5

WERM Flooring –

One of the first changes I made to the trailer was mostly for the horses and mules, and a little for me. I wanted a stock area floor that would be safe for the beasts. Specifically, I was looking for a nonslip surface that was impervious to liquids while also providing some cushion to smooth the ride. I also wanted to reduce my workload when cleaning out the trailer.

WERM Flooring Systems – A permanent slip resistant solution. – We Eliminate Rubber Mats

The accumulation of pee and poo growing under my mats isn’t doing my aluminum floor any favors. I also know that trying to manhandle multiple ungainly 90 plus pound rubber mats isn’t going to happen as often as it should. I needed something that would keep my animals safe and save me a bit of back breaking work. WERM Flooring does that.

Depending on where I’m going, the ponies may be in the trailer for anywhere from a few minutes to 10-12 hours. I don’t know why but every one of my animals voids their bowels as soon as I have them in the trailer. Every trip. Every time. That can make for a long slippery and dangerous trailer ride. I want to make the ride as safe and pleasant as I can for my trail partners. That means I want to give them a secure and safe surface for the ride. I considered a wide variety of durable flooring surfaces from Rumber (much too slippery) to Rhino Lining (no cushion) and finally settled on WERM Flooring for a permanent solution for the trailer, horses, and me.

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WERM Flooring Systems – A permanent slip resistant solution. – We Eliminate Rubber Mats


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