Why Horse Camp?

Why Horse Camp? We love our horses and mules. We love trail riding and we love being outdoors. What could be better? Camping. While there is certainly something to be … Continue Reading »

The 10 Essentials

Back in the early 1930’s a group of mountaineers in the Pacific Northwest created the 10 Essentials; a list of items intended to: To help you respond positively in an … Continue Reading »

Icelandic Horses?

Why Icelandic Horses? I’ve said for years, to many thousands of people around the nation, that for me the perfect trail mount would be an Icelandic Mule. Without fail the … Continue Reading »

Ode to Trail Workers

ODE TO TRAIL WORKERS Many guidebooks, most maps, and the entire www.TrailMeisterwebsite are devoted to a series of squiggly lines. We study those streaks of ink, dream of being on … Continue Reading »