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The ABCs of Trail Riding and Horse Camping

This is the book I wanted when I started trail riding and camping with horses.

Experienced and aspiring trail riders and horse campers alike will enjoy and benefit from reading The ABCs of Trail Riding and Horse Camping. This book goes beyond the scope of traditional horse-riding texts, revealing hundreds of field-tested tips to improve your next outdoor adventure. With clear descriptions organized alphabetically for quick reference, this guide by veteran trail riding and camping clinician Robert Eversole divulges essential knowledge for every horse owner.

Love that Robert Eversole aka the ‘TrailMeister’ combined all of his vast knowledge into this book. The table of content is long, which makes it easy to find and go to the subject the reader is wanting to read up on. A few of my fav subjects are Hello-Just Say It and Hunting Season Riding Tips. At the end of the book are some important checklists, best to think about these before one heads out- Robert has checklists on trail ride, trailer toolkit and form an emergency plan.

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From Advocacy to Xenophon, The ABCs of Trail Riding and Horse Camping will help guide your equine journey onto the trails and into the horse camp of your dreams. With sections devoted to what to look for in a trail horse, training the horse once you’ve got him, trailering tips to get him to the trailhead safely, and even the outdoor skills you’ll need to know to make your equine adventures safer.

His writing style matches his entertaining verbal style. Robert always manages to educate and entertain at the same time. This book is valuable to both the beginner horse camper as well as the experienced one, with tips that are practical and easy to understand and replicate. This book finds a home in my rig.

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Chockfull of handy information ranging from the simple (e.g., groundwork that works) to the more complex (e.g., stopping trail snacking), this book will appeal to ardent trailblazers and more cautious trail riders alike. Indeed, for those prone to stay within an arena rather than venture further afield, Eversole’s trail anecdotes alone are enough to make this well worth a read. With Eversole’s tome in hand, your trail riding and horse camping journey will be all the more rewarding.

This is like sitting at a campfire and listening to master horsemen talk. You get a wide variety of topics, some of which are covered in depth and some just touched on. As a horseman and trail rider of 55+ years I learned new things from this book and had old knowledge refreshed. Eversole has truly earned the title of Trailmeister. Oh, and at the dying of that fictional campfire they hand you the checklists you need as a bonus.

One of the great joys of trail riding on a good horse is leaving the beaten path and enjoying the simple pleasures of being out in nature. The ABCs of Trail Riding and Horse Camping presents a broad range of practical advice. This guidance includes training tips for creating good trail horses, outdoor skills to increase safety and fun on the trail and in camp, and even what to look for in tack and camping equipment.

This was such an amazing book that I could not put down. I read through it is three days and am sad that I finished it!! The layout was a little different at first but in the end, I felt that it makes perfect sense. If I want info on Highlining all I do is go to the “H” chapter, for info on different kinds of rope I just go to the “R” Chapter. I especially liked the section on Compasses and GPS, because it showed me, I need some help. I now know that I want to learn how to read and navigate using a compass!! I highly recommend that anyone who wants to learn about trail riding and horse camping either in the front country or back country buy this book. Thank you, Robert Eversole aka TrailMeister, for everything you do for all of us equine lovers!!!


The image design was intentional, and I tried to convey a Wall Street Journal hedcut style of illustration to generate a feeling. The emphasis is on the text as this is not a step-by-step how-to book. For areas where a more step-by-step process is helpful, I have included an online resource and video page at the back of the book. 

The text thoroughly explains and discusses all the concepts addressed in the book. 

Reviewers, thank you for your constructive criticism regarding the illustrations. I agree that the style may not be to everyone’s taste.