14 Items to Carry on Trail Rides

14 Items to Carry on Trail Rides  – Stay out of trouble with these essentials

When you’re on the trail it’s a good idea to carry a few emergency items. This list will give you ideas for what you may want to carry.  The object of carrying these items is to ensure that both horse and rider have a great ride and make it back to the trailhead to ride another day.

The combined weight of everything in this list is under 4 pounds.

The Essentials to carry When Trail Riding
The Essentials to carry When Trail Riding


What to pack:

  • Map of the Area – It helps to know how to read it
  • Compass – Again, it helps to know how to use it
  • Rain Gear – These items usually get tied behind the cantle and include a set of rain chaps and a Wyoming Traders Rain Slicker.
  • First Aid Items – bandage, antibiotic ointment, aspirin
  • Flashlight
  • Cell Phone (for emergencies) – Make sure you’ve ICED it! Keep your phone in a shirt or jacket pocket so it stays ON YOU in case you become separated from your horse.
  • Water Bottle(s)
  • Bandanna
  • Hoof pick
  • Baling Twine – Almost as good as duck tape
  • Garbage Bag
  • Camera
  • Spare batteries

If you have pommel bags use them so the weight is over the withers instead of the horse’s kidneys.

You may also need to carry other items depending upon the length of time and the distance you plan on riding.

  • elise

    I carry a whistle & dehydrated fruit/nuts too

  • Kim VanDrisse

    Dental floss is great for fixing alot of stuff!

  • Ginni

    I would also add identification/ contact numbers on yourself and on the horse! Just realized on this weeks ride that if I were hurt badly, no contact number was on me… in truck yes, but sometimes that is not readily available

  • Hugh

    You are taking all the adventure and great story possibilities out of a very great adventure
    Where I come from we take a 30 30 matches and a knife I’d take some pepper as well but then you are prissy

  • sherry baker

    these are great needed items to carry. i would suggest a LIFE STRAW also so is stranded and thirsty you can safely drink /also a halter and lead rope… to secure horse if ever needed.. and also in case someone has to lead your horse out… leading by a bridle is not easy and can hurt horses mouth if they pull etc. one but two is better of emergency foil blankets. they can save your life../lighter or fire starter. /knife/ paper and pencil / and identification