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A Great Ride in Hamilton, WA – Northwest Horse Source Mar 2012

NWHSmar2012Premier Day Riding Destination in Hamilton, Washington

Hopefully, the worst wintery weather is behind us and miles and miles of glorious trails under blue skies are ahead. With that in mind, I wanted to briefly depart from my usual trail tips, how-to’s, and where for’s and talk about a great place to ride. At some point we’ve got to stop reading and practicing for the trail and actually go forth and ride. It’s my hope to augment this year’s column with reviews of a few great places to ride. Destination of the Month : Les Hilde / Harry Osborne State Forest; Hamilton, Washington.

For early season rides, the Les Hilde (or “Harry O” as many local riders refer to it) trail system in northern Washington northeast of the city of Mount Vernon is a wonderful place to start, or continue, a year on the trail.

Located on the west side of the Cascades in scenic Skagit County, Les Hilde offers some of the area’s best year-round riding opportunities on the 100 plus miles of trails that meander through the Harry Osborne State Forest on the flanks of Mount Josephine.

One of Les Hilde’s best features is the ease in which you can get to the trailhead. Unlike many areas where getting to the trails is an adventure in itself, Les Hilde is less than twenty miles from a major interstate highway(I-5), and directly north of Hamilton, WA. The chance of getting lost on the way to the trailhead is fairly low. The easy accessibility and close proximity to large metropolitan areas makes Les Hilde one of the premier day riding destinations in the Pacific Northwest.

Once you’ve arrived at the trailhead you’ll immediately see why Harry O is such a special place. Separate graveled parking areas for day users and campers keep things nice and orderly. A large covered group shelter makes a wonderful spot to share stories of the day’s ride. A large mounting ramp and spacious restroom facilities round out the amenities at the trailhead. About the only thing lacking here is water. Les Hilde is a dry camp with no potable water and a moderate walk to a nearby stream for stock water.

NWHSmar20121The trail riding here is typical of western Washington with lots of climbing as you ride the well maintained trails that hug the side of Mount Josephine. The views of the Skagit Valley that you’ll have from any of the various viewpoints make the climbs well worth the effort. The views from the Lower Josephine Lake trail are particularly inspiring. Of course, you’ll find an equal number of downhill stretches as you make your way back to your rig. With forty named trails covering over a hundred miles of forest, everyone can find a great ride at Les Hilde, from dusk to dawn treks to short rides of under an hour that will have you back to camp in a hurry. For the extremely adventurous the 1,200 mile long Pacific National Trail runs through Les Hilde and stretches east to the Continental Divide in Montana and west to the Pacific coast.

Another feature the Les Hilde trail system shares with typically wet Western Washington is that often times it feels as if you’re riding through a tunnel of greenery as you make your way from one glorious viewpoint to another.   The Skagit County chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of Washington does a super job of trimming the brush and otherwise maintaining the trails and keeping them passable. Give this group of hard working trail volunteers a hand by following “Leave No Trace” guidelines and keep Les Hilde a wonderful destination point for everyone.

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