Air Bags for Safe Trailer Towing – Trailer Project #1


After years of pulling a bumper mounted trailer I’d noticed that with heavy loads not only would the steering would feel “light”, the headlights would tend to illuminate the trees and not the road ahead. Neither of these were particularly comforting sensations, especially when hauling several horses as well as feed and supplies for an extended camping trip. I thought the solution was a bigger truck to haul the bigger load. I was wrong. I found that air bags made for much safer towing.

Squat was my problem and it was MUCH less expensive to fix a saggy rear end than to purchase a new vehicle. It can be stated as a fact that I knew “squat.” Sally, you’re going to be around for a little longer!

After a lot of research, I went with a load support system from Air Lift and I wish that I had invested in the system years ago. My system included the air bags and an onboard air compressor with wireless remote control so I can inflate and deflate the air springs with a touch a button. This gives me the ability to adjust the height and ride of the suspension based on what I’m hauling or carrying. Whether I’m hauling a fully loaded trailer or making a light run to the recycling center I can set the ride to what’s both comfortable for me and safe for the load.

Not being much of a mechanic, and reluctant to break my truck, I thought it best to have the system installed professionally by my local tire and repair shop, TireRama. I was incorrect. While it’s great to watch other people work and avoid crawling under the truck, the install of the system was in fact straight forward. I think that even I could have done the job had I been so inclined.  Even with my endless questions, Steve had the job done quickly and neatly within a couple of hours.

After having upgraded to an air bags system from Air Lift I’m a convert. The adjustable air springs allow me to customize my suspension to my load making for a smoother, safer ride. There’s a reason why semi-trucks use air springs and I’m glad that I joined the club and I’ll be riding on air far into the future!


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