Bannock Recipe – Camp Bread

Bannock Recipe – Camp Bread

Crackers crumble. Tortillas mold. But freshly baked bread never disappoints.

“For me, being in the backcountry is about enjoying it. Not thinking about getting home and having good food again.

Meal times with your friends around the campfire, drinking coffee, and telling lies, as the bread bakes, are some the most enjoyable parts of the day.

From biscuits to empanadas, plain, sweet or savory this quick and easy bannock recipe will set you straight!

The dry works:

bannock recipe1 cup flour – all purpose flour is fine

1/2 teaspoon salt – a bit of kosher salt for taste

2 TBL powdered milk – Gives the bread a finer texture and helps with browning

1 teaspoon baking powder – The leavening agent

Add all of the dry ingredients into a sealable bag and store in a bear resistant container until you get to camp.

When you’re ready to cook get out the following:

1 tablespoon olive oil or vegetable oil

and ½  cup water

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Just as all good camping trips start with proper preparation so does bannock.

Bannock is a simple quick bread that bakes up with a texture similar to a scone or a biscuit, with a fluffy center that is slightly crumbly. It is great for breakfast spread with some jam or served for a main meal alongside your main dish.