Britchen – Why should I use one?

Reasons to Use a Britchen Rather Than a Crupper

This is one of those topics that is always being debated by mule folks the world over. Especially those that ride in hilly areas.

Britchen, or breeching, will help the horse or mule to be much comfortable while helping to keep your saddle from slipping forward.

Here are my thoughts regarding fit of the britchen as well as some of many misconceptions I’ve heard regarding britchen.

The hip has more mass to help distribute the weight from the rider and saddle. This is an extra bonus when getting on and off.

Unlike a crupper you can adjust a britchen up and down the hip several inches. A crupper cannot be adjusted and will easily sore the soft skin under the tail. You would never use a crupper with a packsaddle. Why would you use one with a riding saddle?


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