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Buckle-less Chain Hobbles by K&S Saddlery

hobblesks1These custom made hobbles boast a unique and very effective closure system that eliminates any fumbling with buckles, a welcome feature on cold and wet mornings. The benefits of this no buckle system go far beyond the convenience factor and extend into the user’s safety as well. Being able to quickly fasten and unfasten the hobble cuffs will get you out of the danger zone that exists when you’re under the horse by his hoofs and very vulnerable to an accidental strike or kick.

The cuffs on this model are made from heavy chrome tanned leather that is resistant to the effects of weather while remaining strong and supple. The hardware is plated steel rings joined with a brass swivel.

hobblesks2Grazing hobbles are designed to give the horse, or mule, a bit more freedom of movement with about six inches of chain links between the cuffs. This extra distance will allow your mount to more easily shuffle his feet as he grazes. The easily removable chain links will allow you to shorten the distance between the cuffs, add a third cuff, or separate the hobble entirely for two sets of stake hobbles, or pickets. Back country users will find great value in this very versatile arrangement.

hobblesks3Riders and packers concerned with weight have little to worry about with K&S’s buckle-less hobble as they weight a feather light 1 pound, 1ounce. When you’re riding far into the back country or going on an extended pack trip every once matters and with these lightweight quality hobbles you won’t feel bad about smuggling in that extra potato!

The TrailMeister says: Feel good about bringing these on the trail!

You can order your own set HERE