Coffee with the TrailMeister – Episode #1

A fun way to start the day for horse riders. In this episode we ride the trails at Rustlers Gulch in WA, talk about horse grooming and a new grooming tool, learn the Prusik knot for horse camping, and discuss helmets for horse riders.

  • Louise!

    Thank-you! Great job, I thoroughly enjoyed this coffee break.
    The scenery in Washington State is beautiful and I hope to get to see it in person some day.
    I live in Northern Kentucky and met you at one of your compass usage seminars at East fork Lake State Park near Bethel, OH. I was also the one who shared the tire date code information with you a while back. Thank-you for spreading the word on it for safety sake.
    Thanks for publishing your TrailMeister newsletter. The sharing of places across this great country to ride, personally used and endorsed items and safe practices are invaluable.
    I look forward to your next coffee break episode.
    Laura Rece Singleton, California, KY
    aka Louise! Buffalo Girls Association of Northern KY

    • The_TrailMeister

      Louise, Thank you very much for your kind words, you made my day!

  • Martha Nicholas

    Very well done. This is a very good fun addition to all the other things you do and offer! Always impressed and honestly your web site has been my go to site for years. I just shared your site with a friend yesterday. She had heard about the Trail Meister but did not know about your extensive trail information (maps etc…) along with all the other information on your web site.

    • The_TrailMeister

      Thank you for the kind words!