Coffee with TrailMeister #2

Fireside Chat #2

Hi I’m Robert, it’s cold, dark, and snowing outside.

It’s time for a beverage with TrailMeister! Ok, here’s the beverage… A full bodied Scottish breakfast tea with a heaping spoonful of chai mix – hmmm

Hoping that everyone had a great Christmas. We had a good holiday here with friends and family. I’ve been doing a fair bit of baking. In a real oven! And I think I’m finally getting the hang of yeast breads. I need to get the recipe posted. It’s THAT Good!

So what to talk about?

Randie H from Iowa has kept me busy for the past week. Randie sent me 8 handwritten pages of trail data for horse camps and trails in Iowa and Nebraska. Verifying, finding trail maps, and then getting the data posted on TRAILMEISTER has kept me out of trouble. Thanks Randie!

If you know of a horse trail that isn’t on TrailMeister please give it a voice by adding the info. Without hoof prints and road apples on the trails we lose access. So please share.

A big Box of stuff came in today’s mail so let’s check  it out.

Saddle tree forms from Terry at 3 Bells Mules!

Tom from Skito saddle pads and Terry are working together to make sure that Ruger has a great fitting new rig.

We’re going to be making a few changes to the TrailMeister saddle. Including  shaving a few pounds off the weight, Changing the adjustable rigging, and going with a different cantle shape.

Nothing huge just a few updates and refinements for the trail saddle that I helped to design.

I think that proper saddle fitting is a dark art. And I’m very grateful for both 3 Bells and Skito for working together on this.

The first newsletter of 2019 goes out next Tuesday on the 1st, So am getting that together as well. The Jan issue will feature my visit to the Natures Head Composting toilet factory.

Getting to see the commodes being made was interesting and even better was talking with Larry the guy who designed them. I learned a lot and I’m excited to share that with you as part of the Trailer Project.

Do you get the newsletter? If not, there’s a newsletter sign up form on every page of the website give it a quick visit and you’ll be the first to get the latest scoop on horse trails and camps across the continent.

And a huge Thank you!

Pat S sent in a question about the differences between using truck tires and actual trailer tires on our horse trailers. What an excellent topic!   That I have no idea about.. I do however have a rolodex with a few tire pros listed in it!  I’ll start looking into tires right away!

Mary M sent a note about fruitcake!

Who knew fruitcake was better trail food than granola bars and they don’t freeze hard. And nutritionally they are more mineral dense.  You just have to like fruitcake!

Eric P and Melinda F both made my day recently with their awesome facebook recommendations of TrailMeister.

Melnda wrote – Great trails and awesome scenery. Gives you details and everything you can expect. A must have.

Eric echoed that with Great information and new places to ride

Well there you go! Some rambling thoughts and a Beverage with the TrailMeister!  Thanks for watching,  please hit the like button and share it with someone who’ll also find it interesting, and by all means please comment and let me know what you’d like me to talk about next!

Wishing you and Yours a marvelous New Year!