Washington State Competitive Mounted Orienteering Ride

Date: 02/27/2016 - 02/27/2016
Location: Scatter Creek Wildlife Area
Contact: Donna
Event Flyer: Download
Event Host: N/A


C.M.O. has often been described as a “mounted treasure hunt”. Event organizers provide maps and course outlines. Participants furnish their own mounts and compasses. Using these tools, riders search for designated “objective stations” (paper plates with letters to be recorded to prove they were found) inside a 3/4 mile circled area on the event map. Clues for each station are listed on the back of the map with intersecting compass bearings pointing at the hidden plate. The objective is to find all the hidden plates and record the letters on the plates in the shortest amount of time. Riders travel at their own pace and determine which stations to find in any order.