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Goal Zero Guide Ten Solar Charger

Sometimes it seems that electronics are the bane of our existence. Unfortunately, unplugging from the world and completely disconnecting isn’t always an option. When staying connected is a must, Goal Zero can help with their Guide series of solar rechargers. TrailMeister has been testing the Goal Zero Guide Ten Plus solar kit and through the magic of solar power this lightweight package can help keep your small electronics running.

Goal Zero’s Claim: “Plug these rechargers into the sun. Compact and portable rechargers and solar panels to keep your phone powered anywhere.”

goalzero4The sun – that enormous power plant in the sky – bathes the earth in ample energy to fill your power needs. It doesn’t run out of fuel. It’s free. And it can keep your cell phone and camera charged.

The Goal Zero Guide Ten Plus package is designed to recharge small electronic devices whenever you’re away from standard house current, i.e. when you’re camping.

What’s in the Box:

The Guide Ten is a package deal consisting of the Nomad 7 solar panel and the Guide Ten Plus Power Pack. 4 AA batteries round out the kit. Simple and uncomplicated the way we like it.



Packing it in:

The complete setup weighs just around a pound and folds into a compact 6×9 unit that is easily stashed in a pack or pannier box. The solar panel has handy loops that let you strap it to anything that you might want to such as securing it to the top of pack mules load and charging your batteries when on the move.


LED flashlight built in

The Charge:

We couldn’t be happier with how the Goal Zero operated. In bright sun the Nomad 7 panel charged the 4 AA’s in the Guide Ten Power Pack in about 4 hours. While you can plug a phone directly into the solar panel we found that it’s easiest and best to use the Power Pack as an intermediary. This gives you the option of using the AA batteries in other devices as well. The power pack can also be charged from a USB port if desired.
goalzero1On a recent trip into the Norse Peak Wilderness the Goal Zero Guide Ten package was used in the following manner:

  • Guide Ten Power Pack was charged from a USB port in the truck en route to the trailhead.
  • Day One – Dead iphone4s was completely recharged with the power pack. Solar panel was set in direct sun at campsite and re-charged the power pack. Over course of afternoon. Integrated LED flash light in power pack was used to search for source of noises in forest for about 2 hours in middle of night.
  • Day Two – AM Dead iphone 4s was recharged with remaining power pack charge and then switched to airplane mode over the protests of owner. Solar panel was strapped to top pack load on pack mule and recharged power pack AA’s by lunchtime.   PM – Dead iphone 4s was recharged again and taken away from owner who kept turning on cell service (just in case). Too late in day to recharge power pack. No handy LED flashlight that night.
  • Day Three – Solar panel set in direct sun at campsite. Charged power pack then transferred charged AA’s to compact camera.

The Verdict:guideten2

In today’s battery powered world a reliable method for recharging said batteries is a necessity especially when venturing into remote areas. The Goal Zeros construction is robust enough to handle the rigors of horse camping and backcountry trips.

Goal Zero offers many different solar products. You can learn more about Goal Zero HERE.