Horse and Mule Adventures with TrailMeister – Brought to you by the Letter A!

In this episode we ride horses on the Arizona trail, discuss trails Advocacy, learn the Alpine butterfly, and discover what to look for in a trail Animal!

  • The Back Country Horsemen of America also lobby for trails. Because I hardly ever have time to work on trails, I joined just to be able to support the BCHA efforts monetarily. Being able to work on trails once in a while with the local Buffalo River BCHA groups is frosting on the cake. Additionally, I often work alone when I’m conditioning for distance competition. This work is usually pruning and is great for teaching a new trail horse patience.

    The North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) also offers trail grants and advocates for trails. It is a national non-profit organization founded in 1961 that sanctions distance competitive trail rides. Many of the horse clubs throughout the USA who put on NATRC rides also maintain the local trails on which they hold the competitive rides.

    • The_TrailMeister

      Bev, You are so right! I feel bad that I completely forgot about NATRC’s efforts to keep horse trails open.

      • No problem. Gotcha covered! 🙂 anyway, if you mentioned all the organizations that are trail advocates, your video would be …… not so entertaining!