Horse and Mule Adventures with TrailMeister – Horse riding at Copper Cloud Ranch, Camping Stoves, 5owls Ranger, Andy Bales

In this episode we ride horses at the Copper Cloud Ranch in Utah, Discuss the pros and cons of backpacking and camping stoves, examine the new 21st century cowboy bedroll from 5 Owls, the Ranger Pro2, and then talk with renowned cowboy singer Andy Bales at the Washington Back Country Horsemen Rendezvous in spring of 2017.

  • Love these shows! As a competitive trail rider and camper with my horse, your topics are right up my alley! How about one topic on footwear?

    • The_TrailMeister

      Bev, thank you very much for the kind words! Footwear for us, or the ponies? Both might be interesting topics!

      • I was thinking us. Hoof protection for our mighty steeds is a huge topic. Did you know that there is even a flexible epoxy-like coating that can be applied to the bottom of the hoof – sole, frog and heel bulbs?