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How to Choose a Riding Partner – June 2016 TrailMeister Newsletter


The TrailMeister Difference

It’s hard to believe that it’s already June. It’s time to ride! After teaching trail riding safety since January, in locations across the country, I’m ready to get out and ride! My ride calendar has me heading back into the Bob Marshall complex in MT (Owl Creek is fabulous!) as well as heading into the Pasyaten and Eagle Cap Wilderness areas. It’s going to be a fab summer! 

One of the questions that I hear a lot is “Why did you create TrailMeister?” The short answer is I got tired of having unwanted adventures trying to find places to ride my horse. I’ll keep my adventures on the trail thank you very much. Other resources lack accuracy and detail. So I created

TrailMeister gives you all of the information you need to decide if a horse trail area is right for you.
Trail Area InformationWith satellite imagery of the parking area you’ll know right away what the parking situation is going to be.

Photos of the trailhead, parking area, and trail system will give you a good idea of what to expect on your ride.

GPS tracks? Yep, we’ve got em! Users can send in GPS tracks of their rides to share.

Weather information? Of course! as well as printable trail maps in most areas.

TrailMeister also gives you information on events that are happening at a horse trail area.

Knowing what the rules and regulations are is important!  Not only does TrailMeister tell you what the rules are we also give you a link to the land manager.

So there you go. If you’re looking for the best information on a horse riding area TrailMeister is the answer. On the off chance that we don’t have an area listed it’s easy to add it. Just click on the “Submit Trail” button.

TrailMeister has become the GO-TO trail tool for horse riders and groups across the nation. I hope that you find it as easy to use as they do.

As always a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the fabulous companies that keep TrailMeister free for all to use and enjoy!



Featured Review – Smooth Stride Riding Jeans

Are you searching for western styled jeans, but with the features of English breeches?  Smooth Stride Jeans may be the answer!

These are jeans without inner seams! Regular jeans with bulky inner seams tend to pinch during long days in the saddle. Not aproblem with Smooth Stride!

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Featured Trail – H Cooper Black Rec Area

TrailMeister user Nailss enjoys the H Cooper Black horse trails and camp area! Nailss has also shared many GPS routes from his rides at H Cooper Black. 

With many miles of horse trails to ride and enjoy, excellent horse camp, and much more Cooper Black is a fine place for a weekend, or longer, getaway!

See what the H Cooper Black area has to offer you – Click here!


GPS Ride Tracks of the Month

Mount Adams Horse Camp 

TrailMeister reader mumadayo has submitted many excellent horse riding routes!

mumadayo uploaded these GPS files from her rides at the Mount Adams Horse Camp in Washington and it looks like a fabulous place to venture on horseback! Many thanks mumadayo!

Every trail area has a Rider GPS Tracks tab where you can upload, download, print and share your favorite ride. Give YOUR trail a voice by adding your GPS tracks!


Featured Article of the Month

Choosing the Right Trail Riding Partner

Western Mule Magazine, May 2016 issue – 

It’s not too hard to find someone that is willing to take an afternoon ride on the local trails. The hard part is finding the RIGHT someone to ride with.

Finding the right companion goes far beyond having a furry backyard beast and a few spare hours. Here’s a list of questions to ask any potential riding partner.

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June Events

There are a lot of horsey events on the calendar for June! From Organized rides to TrailMeister Clinics!

Click here for the full Event Calendar

Have an event that you’d like to share? Click on the Submit Event button and get the word out.

trail-maintenance.pngA Groovy Video to Enjoy!

Ever consider joining a trail maintenance crew? You’ll have a great time! Here’s a quick video showing trail maintenance in the Rustlers Gulch horse riding area in Washington State!

Happy Trails!


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