How to Choose Bear Canisters

How to Choose Bear Canisters

All recreation areas have their own regulations for how to store your food, and bear canisters are increasingly required across the nation. Picking the best one for you comes down to a few factors like size, shape and how you open them. Check out the How to Choose Bear Canisters video to see some options for you.

Bears that learn to associate people with food can become dangerous. The phrase “a fed bear is dead bear” tells the fate of bears that have been fed. Keeping bears out of our campsites is the best way to ensure their survival in the wild and a great camping trip for you.

Thankfully, you can avoid bad bear encounters by storing attractants properly in a bear canister.

Before you choose a bear canister you’ll want to decide what’s best for you in terms of weight, size, ease of access, etc. All that good stuff that makes camping  BEARABLE!


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