How to Submit an Event

eventWe’re all looking for horsey events to attend. From Equine Expos, Prize Rides, Rendezvous, Trail Challenges, and more TrailMeister is THE guide to organized rides and equine events.

But how to share an event?

From any of the Event pages just click on the “Submit An Event” button. 

If you’re not a registered TrailMeister user, or not logged in,  you’ll be asked to login or create an account.

Once you’ve arrived at the Submit An Event page the process is easy peasy. 

Let’s go down the page and look at each of the fields.


What’s the Name of the Event?

When does it Start?

When does it End?


locationWhere’s the Shindig Located? You’ve got three ways to set the location.

  1. Use the drop down menu to select a trail area that we have listed, or
  2. Use the map then pan and zoom to find the location, or
  3. Enter the street address.


contactWho can we ask for more information and how can we contact them?

Who’re the big Kahunas behind the event? Want your group listed? Let us know!

Why should people plan on attending this event?

flyeraddGot a flyer for people to print out? Load it!

Click the SUBMIT button – It’s time to do the Happy Dance – You’re done!

After we’ve reviewed, and approved, your submission you’ll be able to view and share it with your friends.