How to Tie a Half Hitch Knot

A camp staple for securing anything that needs to stay in one place, the half hitch along with the bowline, power cinch, and prusik loop will most likely be regulars in any camp that you set up.

The half hitch is a basic starter knot with a myriad of uses ranging from securing a high line system to tying a horse to a post. The friction caused by the wraps of the rope is the magic that holds this knot in place.

The half hitch is a simple overhand knot, where the working end of a line is brought over and under the standing part. Insecure on its own, it becomes a very valuable component of a wide variety of useful and reliable hitches, bends, and Knots.

For use around camp and pack stock using a double half hitch combined with a quick release is a prudent measure.

The basic tying of a half hitch knot is simple in the extreme:


halfhitchPictured to the left are examples of the basic half hitch on top and the more useful double half hitch with a quick release on the bottom.


The Basic Half Hitch

  • Wrap the rope around the object.
  • Pass the working end around the standing portion of the line and back under the loop.


The Double Half Hitch with a Quick Release

  • Pass the end around the standing part and through the second formed loop to create two half hitches.
  • Before tightening the knot, pull the end back through the last loop made to create a quick release.