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July 2014 Newsletter


It’s hard to believe that we’re already into the seventh month of the year. There’s so little time and so many trails to ride before (shudder) the snow starts to fly again!

Where are you headed to ride and camp with your horses and mules this month? If you need to find an equine friendly area TrailMeister is here for you. As the nation’s largest horse trail directory we’ve got lots of great places for you to ride. And as the ONLY directory that makes sure the information is accurate before posting it you can be confident that we’ll help you get there.

The new website is rocking and all of your old tools( and lots of new ones) are back for you to use.

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Have a great month on the trails with your favorite horse or mule!


Great Rides – East Fork State Park

With a huge day use parking area, a very well appointed horse camp, and over 50 miles of equine friendly trails to explore, East Fork is a wonderful .  Learn more riding and camping here…


Trail Tips

14 Must Haves for Trail Rides

When you’re on the trail it’s a good idea to carry a few emergency items. This list will give you ideas for what you may want to carry.  The object of carrying these items is to ensure that both horse and rider have a great ride and make it back to the trailhead to ride another day.

The combined weight of everything in this list is under 4 pounds.

The Essentials to Carry When Trail Riding:

• Map of the Area – It helps to know how to read it

• Compass – Again, it helps to know how to use it

• Rain Gear – These items usually get tied behind the cantle and include a set of rain chaps and a Wyoming Traders Rain Slicker.

• First Aid Items – bandage, antibiotic ointment, aspirin

• Flashlight

• Cell Phone (for emergencies) – Make sure you’ve ICED it! Keep your phone in a shirt or jacket pocket so it stays ON YOU in case you become separated from your horse.

• Water Bottle(s)

• Bandanna

• Hoof pick

• Baling Twine – Almost as good as duck tape

• Garbage Bag

• Camera

• Spare batteries

 Find More Tips….


TrailMeister TV – Blue Mule Foam All

It’s summer and it’s time to give those dirty beasts a good bath. We tried out the Blue Mule Foam All and liked it. Check out the short and humorous video review.  Watch now….


Know Your Knots – The Bowline

The Bowline is aptly refried to as “The King of Knots” because it won’t slip and it’s easy to untie when not needed. EASY step by step instructions here….


Riders Reviews – Slow Feeders

Keeping horse and mules means feeding them. And the buzz is that Slow Feeding is best for their health.  Here’s our take on the best feeders to keep your animals from quickly gorging themselves.  Watch now….


TrailMeister Columns in Leading Equine Publications


• Better Trail Searches – Plan your next ride by simply entering a City or ZipCode and TrailMeister will tell you what trails are nearby.

• Event Searches – Not only will you find riding and camping areas on TrailMeister you can also find equine events and organized trail rides to enjoy!Click here to see EVERY event that we have listed.

TrailMeister does GLAMPING! – Glamour Camping that is! We’re much more than National Forests and State Parks! TrailMeister also lists the best Guest Ranches in the Nation. List yours now. 


TrailMeister is the Official Trail Directory of these Leading Equine Organizations:

North American Trail Ride Conference – We provide long distance competitive trail rides for riders of all disciplines.

Equine Trail Sports – Join ETI on July 5th at the Layton Hill Horse Camp in Sequim, WA.

American Competitive Trail Horse Association – Help fright ALS and Diabetes at the Reason2Ride event on July 12th and 13th in Covington, GA.

Back Country Horsemen of Washington – We help keep the trails open for all users. We’ll be re-building the trails at Haney Meadows, WA over the 4th of July.

Backcountry Horsemen of California – 2015 BCHC Raffle Calendars are available!

Wisconsin Horse Council – The Wisconsin State Horse Council (WHC) is here for “the horse” and the people who own them or simply love them.

UMECRAThe Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Rides Association –  Enjoy the Endless Valley Ride on July 4th  in Spring Green, WI.


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