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Newsletter June, 2014

We spend all winter dreaming of the bluebird sky days of summer. Well, those days are finally here and TrailMeister is here to help you find accurate information on where to ride. Not only do we have the largest source of accurate trail data, we also have reprints of our many featured columns in leading equestrian magazines, gear reviews that you can trust, how to videos, and much more. If you haven’t visited in a while please take a moment and give the new website a whirl. We’ve still got a few rough edges but they’re being addressed and soon we’ll be back and even better than before.

Great Rides – Farragut State Park

For front country day rides as well as camping with your horses and mules, Farragut makes for a pleasant destination point. Over 20 miles of equine friendly trails meander through the forest that grows over the remnants of what was once the second largest naval training station in the world. If you’re in the area you should give Farragut a whirl. Read More….

Trail Tips

6 Tips for a Safe Ride

Are you doing everything you can to ensure a safe ride?

  • Green riders and green horses are a bad combination – Choose a horse to match your riding skill level.
  • Be honest with yourself, just because you want to be a great rider doesn’t mean that you are a great rider! The best and safest way to learn to ride (or learn to ride better) is with an experienced riding instructor or coach. Most of the best, and most experienced riders still make it a point to take lessons. There’s always something to learn.
  • Wear a riding helmet. No, you won’t look like a cowboy. But then again the Marlboro man wouldn’t look quite so cool if he were in the intensive care unit of the hospital. Wear the cowboy hat when you’re NOT on your horse.
  • Wear sturdy boots with little tread and a heel. You can also use safety stirrups or tapaderos. When things get “exciting” you don’t want to be attached to your horse. If your foot goes all the way through the stirrup you could be in for a very bad time. Trying to use your body as a horse anchor isn’t effective.
  • Always ride in control. Just like cars and mountain bikes, things get more and more dicey the faster you go. It’s amazing just how fast an accident can occur.
  • Leave an itinerary of your route and the approximate time you’ll be returning with a responsible person. Don’t make the folks at home worry if you don’t have to!

 Find More Tips….

TrailMeister TV – Highline How To’s

Corrals and stalls are a luxury when camping with horses. The solution most often used is a highline which although essentially a rope stretched between two posts is often set up incorrectly. Learn the right way with this short and humorous video.  Watch now….

Know Your Knots – The Prusik

There’s no need need for expensive gadgets when setting up a highline, instead a cheap DIY solution such as this handy hitch costs next to nothing and is much more versatile. Learn how here….

Riders Reviews – Backpacker Oven

For many of us horse camping is just as much about eating as riding. There’s nothing quite like fresh brownies, hot from the oven, when you’re camping in an alpine meadow. The Bemcocan make that a reality. Learn more….

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  • Event Searches – Not only will you find riding and camping areas on TrailMeister you can also find equine events and organized trail rides to enjoy! Click here to see EVERY event that we have listed.
Brushy Creek LodgeTrailMeister does GLAMPING! – Glamour Camping that is! We’re much more than National Forests and State Parks! TrailMeister also lists the best Guest Ranches in the Nation. List yours now. 

TrailMeister is the Official Trail Directory of these Leading Equine Organizations:

TrailBLAZER  – Want to ride the Wilderness? Learn from the best in the Trail Survival Challenge series in TrailBlazer. Here’s the latest installment on wilderness riding.
Western Mule – Your horse trailer gets you and your mount to and from the trail head. Make sure it’s safe to do the job with this feature article from May 2014.
North American Trail Ride Conference – Have a great time on June 7th at the Biltmore Equestrian Center.
Equine Trail Sports – Join ETI on June 14th at Ray Roberts Lake State Park in Texas.
American Competitive Trail Horse Association – Escape the Las Vegas Valley and enjoy a great ride on the Blue Tree Trail system on the 21st.
Back Country Horsemen of Washington –  With 33 chapters across the state we help keep the trails open for all users.
Backcountry Horsemen of California – 2015 BCHC Raffle Calendars are available!
Wisconsin Horse Council – Cowboy Dressage 101 on May 24, in Edgerton, WI will help get the cobwebs out of you and your horse!
UMECRAThe Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Rides Association –  June 28th features the AHDRA ride near Wyanet, IL
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