Lap Robe

laprobe-4Wet? Cold? Looking for a way to stay warm and dry without chaps?

These Lap Robes will take care of you.




A lap robe is one way to keep you warm during cool weather, be it raining or snowing, for trail rides or warm-ups in the arena. The outer fabric is a rugged 600 denier Cordura that can handle the abuse of trail riding.

A microfleece liner on the inside is great for when the weather is cold. During especially rainy weather, the nylon robe can be used as a cover to keep your saddle dry before your ride, or during a break.

If the weather is simply chilly without rain the Lap Robes are available in a double fleece configuration with numerous patterns along with solid colors. The heavy fleece has plenty of loft to keep you warm during cold weather. During especially frigid weather both styles can be worn together for even greater comfort.

These lap rodes are serious business, hunters have been flocking to them to stay warm, dry, and visible in the forest. Waterproof lap robes are now available in hunter orange. And yes, these are also lined with warm microfleece.

The robe is easy on/off and has a wide, fully adjustable, velcro waistband that allows the rider to place the lap robe under or over the jacket. You can mount and dismount, with care, wearing the lap robe although it’s easier to drape it over the horse’s neck, mount up, and then easily wrap it around you and secure the robe with the velcro strap.

LapRobe-1As a bonus, the length of the robe is such that it covers your boots and stirrups to help keep your toes warm and dry, kind of like tapaderos (or Devonshire boots for the English crowd) that go away when you no longer require them.

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  • What if the wind is blowing, too. How does the lap robe keep from blowing off of one leg or the other?

  • The_TrailMeister

    The robe has lightweight strings to keep it from blowing and it’s weighted towards the bottom as well. It’d have to be one heck of wind to knock it about much.

  • Martha Nicholas

    Martha Nicholas- A sweet comment from a happy lap robe user- Lynda Allen from Stanwood,Wa shared this-I can’t recommend
    Martha’s products highly enough. She also makes lap
    robes that are AMAZINGLY warm. I’ve rode in her lap
    robes in 22 degrees and stayed
    warm, dry and totally comfortable. Martha
    Nicholas changed my winter riding from a
    test of survival into loving to ride in winter! Martha
    is a horse rider herself and makes/tests out her
    products for right here in the cold, wet, windy

    Lynda is also a NW Horse Search and Rescue member and owns both styles of my lap robes. Which can be used together for the super cold days.

  • Martha Nicholas

    Since Robert did this review, I changed things up and have sourced out the sewing of the panels with Cashel. Love working with them for many reasons, one is my lap robes are now made out of a slightly heavier waterproof 600 denier Cordura material. I just have to finish assembling the lap robes and can be out riding more.