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Mountain Canary Guidebooks – Review

The Mountain Canary Company’s name comes from an old term of endearment for mules which have a unique and raucous bray.

With such an interesting name it should come to no surprise that the body behind the company is a long time mule packer with decades of experience as a volunteer packer for the National Park Service.

Ed has drawn upon his lengthy experience hauling equipment for the Olympic National Park in two common sense filled guide books.

Ed’s first volume “The Packers Guidebook” was written with the recreational packer in mind and brings much of the arcane world of the horse and mule packer into the light of day for those of us that want to learn more about how to pack safely. The Packers Guidebook covers the basic rules of packing in a lively and humorous first-hand account manner where we learn not only how to accomplish the tasks at hand but also the why’s behind them.

edbook2The second book “Trail Skills” continues with the light and lively banter as Ed teaches the reader gently and carefully the how’s and why’s of trail riding in general. Both books are good reads and will generate thought and discussion for anyone wanting to learn more about these topics from an experienced rider and packer’s perspective.

The TrailMeister says: Take a chance on these, you’ll be pleased.

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