Book – The ABCs of Trail Riding and Horse Camping


The ABCs of Trail Riding and Horse Camping

This is the book I wanted when I started trail riding and camping with horses.

If you’re an experienced trail rider or an aspiring one, and if you love horse camping, then “The ABCs of Trail Riding and Horse Camping” is the book you’ve been waiting for. It’s not your typical horse-riding guide. This gem goes above and beyond, sharing hundreds of tried-and-true tips that will take your outdoor adventures to new heights. Written by Robert Eversole, a trail riding and camping expert, this guide packs essential knowledge for every horse owner.

From Advocacy to Xenophon, “The ABCs of Trail Riding and Horse Camping” will be your trusted companion on your equine journey. It covers everything from choosing the right trail horse to training techniques and trailering tips. It even includes outdoor skills to make your adventures safer and more enjoyable.

This book is a goldmine of information, ranging from simple groundwork that really works to more complex topics like stopping your horse from snacking on the trail. Whether you’re a fearless trailblazer or a cautious rider, you’ll find something valuable within its pages. And even if you’re more comfortable in the confines of an arena, Eversole’s captivating trail anecdotes alone make this book a must-read. You won’t be disappointed.

One of the best things about trail riding on a reliable horse is the freedom to leave the beaten path. “The ABCs of Trail Riding and Horse Camping” provides practical advice, from training tips, to outdoor skills. It even offers insights into choosing the right gear and camping equipment.

So, grab a copy of this book and get ready to enhance your trail riding and horse camping experience. With this book in your hands, your equine adventures will be even more rewarding and memorable.