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Rawhide Gear Horn Bags

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 2.07.17 PMEvery once in a while we find something exceptional. Today it’s happened again with the Rawhide Gear horn bag.  For carrying everything from the ten essentials to the camera that documents your ride these are the best-built and most useful set of horn bags that we’ve found to date.

We’ve all seen and most likely have a set of horn bags so What Makes Rawhide Gear Special – Two words; “Horse Proof”.


These bags are the most rugged we’ve found, from front to back; inside and out, Rawhide builds equipment for heavy-duty use.

  • The backs of the bags are made from 1680 ballistic nylon (which incidentally rawhide3was created as a material for flak jackets).
  • The fronts are made from 1000 denier nylon to handle the rigors of the trail.
  • In between the two hard-wearing layers of nylon material is a quarter inch layer of closed cell foam which helps insulate and more importantly keep any sharp lumps from rubbing your animal.
  • Everything Stays Dry – The closed cell foam keeps horse sweat from seeping into the bags and waterproof linings keep rain from soaking in from the outside. Rain flaps over the zippers help keep unwanted moisture out from the top.
  • Heavy duty zippers keep everything together
  • Two hidden pockets allow quick and easy access to whatever you may want to get to in a hurry, such as a water bottle.

rawhide1The Magic – Rawhide Gear horn bags are just a part of a comprehensive system includes pommel bags, saddlebags, cantle bags and more. Each piece of the system connects with heavy-duty clips to make taking as much or as little as easy as a clip and a snap to attach or detach a component.

By creating a modular set of equipment Rawhide Gear has made is easy for the trail rider to customize their load for each ride.

The Verdict – Rawhide Gear horn bags are great. We have no reservations about recommending them to anyone. We like them.

rawhide You can learn more about Rawhide Gear horn bags, and the rest of their products HERE.