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Scratch n All – Pads

Itchy pony butts want scratching and said ponies will rub on anything handy including your expensive barn flashings. Cynthia at Scratch n All sent us some samples of their Scratchnall pads. We ALL love them. No more sharp edges or splinters in horse hide and no more damage to the barn either! I think it’s a win-win for all involved.

Before Scratch n All Pads

We went from damaged barn doors and flashings to happy contented critters with the Scratch n All pads.

We installed 4 pads ( each pad is 6 x 5 inches) that interlock together to make a safe scratching spot of any size that you desire.


Scratch n All

Easy to Install

Installation of the durable pads is a breeze with the included instructions and stainless steel screws.

Pads easily bend around corners and the notch in the rear lets water run through so no worries about damage to the mounting surface.

NOTE: Installation goes quicker if the ponies DON’T help.


Scratch n AllThe small nubs on the pads are flexible which provides a comfortable, satisfying and non-irritating scratching surface for the animals.



Scratch n All

Ruger enjoys his Scratch n All pads

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