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Skito Saddle Pads

skito1Skito Saddle Pads

From animal hides to woven blankets to today’s modern high-tech materials, saddle pads have come a long way.

Originally designed to protect expensive saddles from sweat and dirt they have evolved to provide a better saddle fit for the horse, reduce the concussive forces on the spine, and even provide a hint of fashion as they continue to work to keep the saddle dry.

While no pad is better than a perfectly fit saddle, the plain truth is that a saddle that fits today may well not in a months time. As the condition of a horse changes over the year so does any idea of what fits. Unless you’re one of the lucky few that can afford multiple custom saddles for every phase of conditioning some type of corrective pad is most likely in your future.

Although no pad can fix radically poor saddle fit they can be used as part of a comprehensive saddle fitting solution.

The first solution that many riders use in addressing saddle pads is to stuff the fattest, squishiest, pad they can under their saddle. Sometimes this can work. All to often however the maxim of “If the shoe doesn’t fit, it still won’t fit with lots of socks” proves true.

We’ve been using Skito Orthopaedic Saddle Pads for some time now and we’ve come to the conclusion that Skito’s tag line “If horses could talk, they’d ask for Skito” is true.

Why do we say that?

• Skito Pads are custom fit to the saddle, horse, and rider – every Skito pad is custom built.

Every horse, rider, and saddle combination creates a unique situation. There is no one answer, or off the shelf pad that can address all saddle fit issues.

In Skito we’ve found a company that recognizes the importance of proper fit for your particular situation.


Skito Pads being born

• The Science Under the Pad

By laminating layers of the correct density foam, felt, and mesh together Skito is able to create the optimal technical saddle pad for your animal. Laminating these different materials together reduces the compression and adds to the rigidity of the foam for outstanding support and reduced concussive pressure.

Today’s horses and their riders are in a wonderful age of “smart” saddle pads. Skito’s industry leading emphasis on correct saddle fit allows them to create custom-built products that will alleviate pressure points and even cool your animal’s back.

skito2The Bottom Line:

We like and use Skito Saddle Pads. Our horses work hard and we feel they deserve the best. They deserve Skito.

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