Trail Ride Itinerary

Creating a trail ride plan and leaving it with friends or family is a safety basic, and a good habit to cultivate. It prevents unnecessary anxiety and, in an emergency, can save precious time for search and rescue responders.


Want an easy way to leave all of the right information for your ride with your emergency contact? Click on our Trail Ride Itinerary Form to download and print it. The fill it out and leave it with a friend.

Discuss the plan and leave a copy of the plan with someone who is reliable and responsible, and who knows how, when and why to contact authorities.

If your plans change, contact the person you left the plan with! You don’t want a search and rescue team sent for you if not needed.

  • This is a great form! Not only does it serve as an itinerary, but it also serves as a reminder of what emergency equipment one should carry.
    I condition my horse for competitive trail riding in the Ponca Wilderness of the Buffalo National River in Arkansas. I also carry a hoof pick, a multi-tool, cool weather clothing, hand pruners, wire pliers/cutters, and a small collapsible saw. The wire cutters are very important around here because the Buffalo River had lots of homes and farms along it before it became a national river park. You never know when you might encounter downed fences and barbed wire in the forest leaves and downfall.