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Trailer Eyes

trailereyes2I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only trail rider that wonders what is happening in the trailer behind me as I roll down the road to the next trailhead. I recently had the privilege to try out a great product; the Trailer Eyes cordless trailer video camera.

We tested the 2.4Ghz model, which is designed to send video images from your trailer to the cab of your truck. With this product there’s no more wondering what the horses are doing as you’re driving down the road. As someone who does a lot of hauling the Trailer Eyes is going to solve more than a few headaches and worries.

Trail Eyes claims that their products will reliably transmit a cordless video signal and can be set up within 5 minutes. We found these claims to be true!

What’s special about Trailer Eyes? The best features that we found with the trailer eyes are that the system is cordless. No cords mean that there is no confusing wiring or complicated installation procedure to worry about.  The instructions that come in the box say installation takes 5 minutes; we had the camera and monitor installed and working in less than four minutes. It’s the closest thing to foolproof that we’ve found.

Setting up the Trailer Eyes – Simply unbox, put a 9 volt battery in the camera and turn on, clip the camera antenna to the side of the trailer. Plug the monitor into your trucks power plug and place the magnetized monitor antenna on the side of the cab. You’re done.

Whatrailereyes7t’s in the Box – Trailer Eyes comes with a 3.5″ color monitor, wireless and weatherproof color video camera, power cords, and antenna, and mounting hardware. The video camera uses a 9-volt battery or can be wired into the trailers power system. Everything you’ll need to operate comes in the box, even the 9-volt battery.










Using the Trailer Eyes – We found that Trailer Eyes were great for much more than monitoring the back of the trailer. The camera operates well in low light and is perfect for keeping an eye on the horses at night while camping. The system is easy to move which makes it perfect to monitor the barn for foaling or even to help with backing the trailer.

What did I forget on this Trip?

What did I forget on this Trip?

The Verdict – We Like Trailer Eyes

The next time you’re wondertrailereyes1ing if the horses are having a trailer party consider using a Trailer Eyes so you’ll know exactly what’s happening. At under $200 for a complete system you really can’t go wrong.

For more information and to purchase visit the Trailer Eyes Website HERE.

NOTE: Many thanks to Pat F from California for this bit of information: Many states prohibit the use of this type of equipment while in motion. Here’s a link to the states laws regarding use of electronics in cars.