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Panguitch, UT

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Bryce Canyon and the surrounding area are stunningly beautiful to ride. Red rock and hoodoos abound, as well as extensive areas of aspen, bristle cone pine, and a variety of wild flowers.

Bryce Canyon, Losee-Casto Canyons and Thunder Mountain are definitely “bucket list” rides with amazing red rock vistas.

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You can rent horses/mules for a ride into Bryce (and nearby trails), or you can bring your own. To ride your own horse into Bryce Canyon (Peek-a-Boo loop), you will need to make a reservation for a specific time (times are available in early morning, noon, late afternoon) at least 24 hours in advance, pay the fee to enter Bryce, and meet a ranger to check your travel papers near the gate. Riding the loop is in one designated direction so that you don’t run onto an outfitter\’s string head on in a narrow place (yay! it works well). Detailed instructions are at the Bryce Canyon link below.

The National Park Service is the land manager for Bryce Canyon: