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Sky High Trails - gentleman-outlaw added this area

Mountainburg, AR

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Sky High Trails’ Campsite sets at nearly 2000 ft and is the highest point on the mountain range, called the Bostons. From the campsite, campers and trail riders have a view next to Heaven. Visiting riders have called the Boston Mountains “Little Colorado.” Truly it is a smaller version but with incredible towering trees. It is where U.S. Marshals and outlaws rode, called “No man’s Land.”

Event Name: Sky High Trails
Date: 09/29/2020 - 01/1/1970
Location: Sky High Trails
Contact: Sawdust
Event Flyer: N/A
Event Host: N/A

Arrive September 29th in the afternoon. Camp and ride through October 3rd on private lands. There is a concert the night of the 3rd and campers/riders leave the 4th. Private landowner agreements allows campers/riders to ride where no one else can. There is a donation of 175.00 for use of campsite. There are picket lines available for horses. (free)) Also, there are open top panel pens for 40.00 donation while they last. Your camping trailer will be refilled with water should you run out. And we fill your horses water tub sometime during the day everyday. Because the trails are on private landowners, they are not marked. They like to keep the land in its natural state of beauty. And, because they aren\'t marked, someone from Sky High Trails will ride along. Campers/trail riders are the best at keeping trails clean, and we appreciate that. These private landowner trails will allow you to ride where no one else can. You will see things very few people have ever seen. For more details call 615-969-8301 and ask for Sawdust.

Private Facility

Call 615-969-8301 before arriving

Campers and riders arrive on Tuesday afternoon begin riding the following day. They ride through to Saturday. The first two days camping riders will take shorter rides. The last two days are longer routes.
Riders will need generators and are allowed to run them through the night. There are port-a-johns all over the grounds and water tanks for horses in several areas. If you have small water tanks (10 to 15 gallons) we fill those up once a day. If you run out of water in your horse trailer, there is one free fill up. After that, there is a ten dollar donation. Pens are available for a small donation as well. Picket lines are prevalent. The campsite donation for the week is 190.00 (55 and up along with vets donate 175.00 on the fall camp and ride event.) The June ride is 175.00 (seniors 55 and up along with vets donate 165.00.) Bottled water is free.
Horses must have coggins and health papers and will be looked at before and after unloading. No one leaves campsite to ride alone. If something were to happen in these mountains you could be hard to find. . Only Sky High Trails camping riders can ride these trails. Sky High Riders secured private individual agreements with land owners.
Dogs are not allowed in camp off of lech and are not allowed on trail rides. No stallions are permitted on grounds or rides. Any beverage must be in sleeves at all times. Trail riders are the best at putting way trash on trails, we appreciate that immensely.