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Bowman-Francis Lake Trailhead - pipers_zoo added this area

Lostine, OR

Riders have logged 10.00 miles & 5.50 hours here.

TOP TRAIL RIDER: pipers_zoo logged 10.00 miles.

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03 Aug 2019 pipers_zoo Ride Notes 5 h 30m 10

The very popular Bowman – Francis Lake trailhead provides access to the Bowman Trail, a major entrance point for hikers and horses into the Eagle Cap Wilderness. This route provides access to Chimney, Hobo, Laverty and Wood lakes, as well as Brownie Basin and North Minam Meadows. The Steep, rocky mountain ranges are framed with beautiful flower-filled meadows.

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Land manager is Wallowa – Whitman National Forest –

Mountains Office US Forest Service

201 East Second St.
Joseph, OR 97846

Wilderness Regulations Apply