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Witt Springs, AR

Riders have logged 41.50 miles & 18.00 hours here.

TOP TRAIL RIDER: nineranchcox-net logged 41.50 miles.

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29 May 2017 nineranchcox-net Ride Notes 6 h 30m 13
28 May 2017 nineranchcox-net Ride Notes 0 h 0m 7
27 May 2017 nineranchcox-net Ride Notes 7 h 30m 13
26 May 2017 nineranchcox-net Ride Notes 4 h 0m 8.5

Ozark National Forest in north central Arkansas. 22 miles north of Dover, AR. There’s a nice Harp’s grocery store in Dover. Pedestal Rocks are north of camp – you do need to see them. You can ride your horses 8 miles one way (some of it rugged and definitely steep) to Pedestal Rocks. The first and only time I have ridden there I was TICKED to find out those other people there had hiked in about a mile on a level maintained trail!

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John Stallings call or text 870.830.6144 18 sites with water and electric hookups (on grass). New covered stalls for horses. Some outdoor pens. Shower house with toilets. Dump station. John is a very helpful host. He can give you good information about the trails. The trails are well maintained. We encountered a downed tree on one of our rides. We told John. He was out early the next morning clearing that downed tree.