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Crystal Creek Camp - eraggepmsn-com added this area

Mitchell, OR

Riders have logged 92.01 miles & -8,973.70 hours here.

TOP TRAIL RIDER: eraggepmsn-com logged 92.01 miles.

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Date Rider Hours Minutes Miles GPS Photos Rating
08 Jul 2013 eraggepmsn-com -8973 h -42m 23.46
13 Jul 2019 eraggepmsn-com 0 h 0m 14.42
13 Jul 2019 eraggepmsn-com 0 h 0m 25.46
29 Jun 2012 eraggepmsn-com 0 h 0m 18.64
29 Jun 2012 eraggepmsn-com 0 h 0m 10.03

Ochoco Mountains east of Prineville. Beautiful grassy meadows separated by pine forest. Wild horses roam this range, the solo rider or small group stand an excellent chance of spotting some, occasionally a bachelor band will approach campers.


Many thanks to TrailMeister user eragep for sharing the fabulous horse camping area!

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Dispersed camping, no amenities.
Ochoco National Forest Supervisor’s Office,
Lookout Mountain Ranger District Office & Paulina Ranger District Office