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Flying Horseshoe Ranch - 1trailmeister added this area

Cle Elum, WA

Riders have logged 19.55 miles & 8.07 hours here.

TOP TRAIL RIDER: 1trailmeister logged 2.66 miles.

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Date Rider Hours Minutes Miles GPS Photos Rating
27 Jul 2017 1trailmeister Ride Notes 1 h 26m 2.66
18 Oct 2015 Anonymous Ride Notes 3 h 15m 8.36
17 Oct 2015 Anonymous Ride Notes 3 h 23m 8.53

FHROpen year around for Western Adventure, the Flying Horseshoe Ranch is welcoming families, business, school, youth and social groups, 4H clubs, horsemanship clinics, weddings and parties. Please join us!


Many thanks to TrailMeister user caroleschuh for sharing her fabulous pictures of the area!


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