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Santa Barbara, CA

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The Live Oak Campground staging area accesses the 9,000 acres directly adjacent to Lake Cachuma. It allows equestrian and hiking access, but no bikes and no motorized vehicles, no dogs. It has many miles of trails, and could easily be ridden for several days without backtracking.

IMG_8556Many thanks to Pat Fish for sharing this wonderful horse (and mule) riding destination! Read more of their adventures at the links below:

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Land manager is County of Santa Barbara –

The Live Oak Campground can only be rented by large groups for events. It is a 40 acre camp that can accommodate 1,500 campers.
Day use by equestrians is granted for a $10 fee that may be obtained at the kiosk at Lake Cachuma. This gives access to a gated staging area that accesses the full 9,000 acres of pristine riding countryside.
For information, site inspection and reservations for Live Oak Camp, please call Grahm Williams at (805) 686-5097 or email
To purchase a day use pass go to the Lake Cachuma kiosk or call (805) 686-5055