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McCully Creek - eraggepmsn-com added this area

Joseph, OR

Riders have logged 40.35 miles & 6.78 hours here.

TOP TRAIL RIDER: eraggepmsn-com logged 40.35 miles.

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Date Rider Hours Minutes Miles GPS Photos Rating
03 Aug 2019 eraggepmsn-com Ride Notes 6 h 47m 21.46
25 May 2019 eraggepmsn-com Ride Notes 0 h 0m 9.5
26 Aug 2019 eraggepmsn-com Ride Notes 0 h 0m 9.39

Located on the northeast side of the Eagle Cap Wilderness, the McCully Trailhead is a large facility for both stock users and hikers. Set in a warm open ponderosa pine forest, it has some great views of the Wallowa Valley. This trailhead provides access to McCully Creek Trail #1812 which head south into the wilderness.

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Land manager is Wallowa-Whitman National Forest –

All visitors to the Eagle Cap Wilderness must obtain a Wilderness Visitor Permit before entering the area. Only one permit is required per group and there is no fee for the permits. Registration and Permit boxes are located at each trailhead near the information board. The permits are self-issued.

$5/vehicle/day, or Northwest Forest Pass, or any form of the America the Beautiful National Pass.