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Pleasant Hill Lake Park - 1trailmeister added this area

Perrysville, OH

Riders have logged 29.00 miles & 7.50 hours here.

TOP TRAIL RIDER: anne-hunter logged 20.00 miles.

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Date Rider Hours Minutes Miles GPS Photos Rating
16 Jun 2020 bronwynr 0 h 0m 0
11 Oct 2019 horseladykh 0 h 0m 9
03 Aug 2019 anne-hunter Ride Notes 7 h 30m 20

Visitors to Pleasant Hill Lake Park have a total of 88 miles of hiking and bridal trails connecting Mohican State Park and Malabar State Park. Pleasant Hill offers 8.5 miles of hiking/bridal trails, and an additional 16.5 miles of trails on M.W.C.D. Public Use Property.

Horse riders will find great camping and miles of horse trails here.



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