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Watson Mill Bridge State Park - aggietravelertoo added this area

Comer, GA

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14 miles of winding and looping horse trails as well as a wonderful camping area complete with electrical hook-ups and stables for the ponies.

Rural countryside, the trail is along the river and through a wooded area.

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Land manager is Watson Mill Bridge State Park –

Rules of Stables & Equestrian Trails
Present a negative equine infectious anemia test for each horse. (Please note that if riding at Watson Mill Bridge, riders must be in possession of a current negative coggins test, ready for inspection for each horse being ridden)
Ride only during daylight, between dawn and sunset.
Do not ride on roadways or any other area that is not clearly identified for equestrians.
Do not ride in a fast or reckless manner.
Attend horses at all times.
Ride no more than 2 abreast on trails.
Do not graze horses.
Camp only in the designated campground.
Do not ride horses into the campground.
Do not picnic in the campground.
Do not stable horses using a tie-line or temporary corral.
Do not put more than one horse in each stall.
Dogs must be leashed and attended at all times.
Only registered overnight park visitors may stable horses.
Return stall key(s) to the park office by 1 p.m. on the day of departure.
Remove soiled bedding from stall(s) prior to departing.
Do not consume alcoholic beverages in day-use areas.
No smoking in the stable area