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Woods Mountain - nailss added this area

Marion, NC

Riders have logged 64.53 miles & 25.28 hours here.

TOP TRAIL RIDER: neverest logged 42.53 miles.

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  • Directions

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Date Rider Hours Minutes Miles GPS Photos Rating
18 Feb 2018 neverest Ride Notes 4 h 20m 10.12
23 Jun 2017 neverest 4 h 55m 12.59
28 Jan 2018 neverest Ride Notes 0 h 0m 0
23 Jun 2017 neverest Ride Notes 4 h 55m 12.59
15 Jan 2018 neverest Ride Notes 2 h 18m 7.23
23 Jun 2017 nailss Ride Notes 5 h 3m 13.05
16 Apr 2016 nailss Ride Notes 3 h 46m 8.95 ☆☆☆☆☆

Remote is an understatement. This loop contains a bit of everything, but its backcountry setting may be its best quality. There is more doubletrack than singletrack, but you’ll definitely be out there.

This shared use loop (bike, horse, hike) has been blazed recently by the USFS with orange triangles on the road and trail sections.

Destination motivation. The outside loop can be traveled in either direction, but due to the thrilling descent of Betsy Ridge, it’s outlined here in a counter-clockwise direction. Be ready for some climbing.

Difficulty is rated Black because of the hike-a-bike sections of the Woods Mountain trail, the potential for high-speed consequences on the Betsy Ridge descent, and the overall grunt factor that is involved in some sections that lead up to that crux. MANY parts of this loop are easy to intermediate. Note the different ratings in the descriptions for those individual trails.

Many thanks to TrailMeister user Nailss for sharing this excellent horse riding destination!

Woods Mtn – Here’s a GPS track file of all of the trail here! Thanks Nailss!



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Land manager is Pisgah National Forest, Grandfather District

Grandfather Ranger District
District Ranger, Nicholas Larson
109 Lawing Drive
Nebo, NC 28761
(828) 652-2144