Tree Hitch knot

Tree Hitch knot – or Plow Hitch – A Quick Release Knot

Today lets check out what I’ve always called the Tree Hitch knot. Because that’s where I most often use it. When tying to a tree for lunch or when I have to stop for adjustments on the trail.

I’ve also heard it referred to as a Plow Hitch and I think I like that name better. At its heart this is just a quick release knot regardless of what we call  it. Text directions are below the video.

  • Wrap the lead around the tree, I like at least two wraps sop it doesn’t slip down.
  • Make the figure 4
  • Check your watch
  • Pass a loop from the working end (the end away from your pony) through the loop made when checking your watch.
  • Snug it up
  • You can also lock it down with a half hitch