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Wyoming Trader Rain Slicker

Wyoming Trader Rain Slicker

Stay Dry and Warm with this essential piece of gear

Wyoming Trader Rain SlickerA lightweight coated cotton construction makes it easy to roll up and stow away this excellent rain slicker. The Wyoming Traders Rain Slicker packs into a small package when not in use, which makes it easy to stash out of the way.

This slicker is also easy to walk in should you need to dismount from your horse or mule. However, the baggy fit of this slicker that makes it easy to walk in can cause issues with a skittish horse if a breeze causes it to billow. The slicker is cut large for wearing over insulating layers.


When riding the slicker completely covers your saddle, which reduces your chances for a wet bottom!

The two pockets have flaps that are not secured, and therefore are not very useful for storing items. We added small Velcro patches to our slickers to keep the flaps closed and keep us from losing our gloves.

While the slicker comes in different colors the bright orange version makes you easily visible when in the woods, no worries about being mistaken for a forest animal with this coat on!


Our slickers came from Outfitters Pack Station slicker-3