6 Ways to Stay Safe in the Saddle

rocks6 Ways to Stay Safe in the Saddle

Following these six easy tips will help keep you safe so you can have a better time on the trail with your horse!

  • Green riders and green horses are a bad combination – Choose a horse to match your riding skill level.
  • Be honest with yourself, just because you want to be a great rider doesn’t mean that you are a great rider! The best and safest way to learn to ride (or learn to ride better) is with an experienced riding instructor or coach. Most of the best, and most experienced riders still make it a point to take lessons. There’s always something to learn.
  • Wear a riding helmet. No, you won’t look like a cowboy. But then again the Marlboro man wouldn’t look quite so cool if he were in the intensive care unit of the hospital. Wear the cowboy hat when you’re NOT on your horse.
  • Wear sturdy boots with little tread and a heel. You can also use safety stirrups or tapaderos. When things get “exciting” you don’t want to be attached to your horse. If your foot goes all the way through the stirrup you could be in for a very bad time. Trying to use your body as a horse anchor isn’t effective.
  • Always ride in control. Just like cars and mountain bikes, things get more and more dicey the faster you go. It’s amazing just how fast an accident can occur.
  • Leave an itinerary of your route and the approximate time you’ll be returning with a responsible person. Don’t make the folks at home worry if you don’t have to!