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August 2014 Newsletter


The 31 days of August are some of my favorite of the year. The weather is generally warm and the high mountains are calling out for visitors.

In a change from the my usual August pack trip this month will have the TrailMeister visiting Benezette, PA with the Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association for the Elk-Stravaganza on the 15th and 17th.

I love talking with equestrian groups across the country on how to Stay Found while riding as well as on the finer points of camping with livestock. This year has taken us from Washington, to California, Wisconsin, Oregon, and now Pennsylvania. Sometimes I think I’ve got more frequent flyer miles than saddle miles!

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Have a great month on the trails with your favorite horse or mule!

Elk State Forest is home to the nearly 30 miles of the  Thunder Mountain Trail system. With excellent trails, and two public camping areas, Thunder Mountain is well worth a visit. A good time to come is this month for the PQHA Elk-Stravaganza! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON THE EVENT  Learn more about the trail system here…

Trail Tips

What a Horse Sees

From Everett Lewis, a Washington Backcountry Horseman, comes this wonderful video that is just as applicable to those of us riding the horses as the bikers and hikers that also want to learn how to be safe around equines.
Everett has distilled the myriad of “what should happen” items into three easy to remember steps that we can share with the growing number of people on the trail. The life you save my be your own.

  • STOP – Horses spook easily, and may perceive movement, especially quiet movement, as a predator — and bolt.
  • TALK – Human speech is reassuring and comforting for the horse. Continue to talk until the horse has passed.
  • MOVE DOWN – to the low side of the trail. If horse gets spooked, you don’t want it going off the steep side or horse and rider can be injured.

Everett has also produced an excellent video that demonstrates these valuable skills. WATCH THE VIDEO

 Find More Tips….

Eating and horse camping go hand in hand. The Bemco will keep you eating well! Check out our short video review. 

For carrying everything from the ten essentials to the camera that documents your ride these are the best-built set of horn bags that we’ve found to date.  Learn why we like these great bags….

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TrailMeister is the Official Trail Directory of these Leading Equine Organizations:

North American Trail Ride Conference – Have a great ride at the Jackson State Forest event on August 23rd!


Equine Trail Sports – Join ETI on August 8-10 in Cove, OR for the Clover Haven Benefit Ride!


American Competitive Trail Horse Association – Enjoy the Ride For St. Jude on August 24th at East Fork Lake State Park!


Back Country Horsemen of Washington – Ride with BCHW at the Ken Wilcox Ride on August 16th.


Wisconsin Horse Council – The Wisconsin State Horse Council (WHC) is here for “the horse” and the people who own them or simply love them.



The Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Rides Association –  Compete and enjoy the Dugan Run “Northern Highland” ride on August 23-24! 


Backcountry Horsemen of California – We exist to improve and promote the use, care and development of California backcountry trails, campsites, streams and meadows. Join us!

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